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The following article appeared as it is here in the Wisconsin State Journal June 6, 2006. "Christecology" was a term used by the WSJ in the headline.

At Madison Christian Community, 10 percent of the building's energy comes from solar panels, and the garden tractor is being converted to run on vegetable oil from a nearby Pasqual's restaurant.

The two congregations that share the site - Advent Lutheran Church and Community of Hope United Church of Christ - have long been leaders in linking religious beliefs with environmental stewardship, but only recently have they found themselves part of a movement with real momentum. Read the whole article >>

•Sign Up Now to Start Reducing Natural Gas Costs for Your Congregation

Dear Faith Leader,

The enclosed brochure offers a unique opportunity for your congregation to take quick action on making a big difference on several important areas -- reducing global warming build-up, broadening your congregation’s understanding of stewardship, saving budgeted energy costs to have more money for your ministries, and protecting God's Creation.

We are partnering with WE Energies to sponsor an Energy Stewards program designed specifically to help congregations located in SE Wisconsin to take quick action to reduce the soaring costs of natural gas this winter.

Because winter is upon us and natural gas prices are rapidly rising, you can begin work through this program starting in just over two weeks. But you need to sign up your congregation today.

•Climate CAFE

Sarah Streed and Senator Kohl


Senator Feingold's Aide and Sarah Streed

Scientists now agree that motor vehicles are a major source of pollution that harms our climate. WICEC and the Lutheran Office for Public Policy have created Climate CAFE kits. WICEC Board Member Sarah Streed met with Senator Kohl's (photo on left) and Senator Feingold's (photo on right) Aides on the Environment in Washington, D.C. She presented each with a Climate CAFE kit, as well as Senator McCain's Aide.

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The Faithful Consumer - July 2006

I had been intending to write about migrant labor in this month’s column, but instead I’m going to write about “Al Gore’s movie,” “An Inconvenient Truth.” My husband and I went to see it with our friends, Laura and Eric Nordstrom. It was stunning. Yes, I voted for Gore in ‘00—we still have the sticker on our minivan—but even if I hadn’t, I would be hard pressed to deny his prowess in this new role. Intelligent, articulate and passionate, he talks using graphs, charts and photos to clearly show the earth is warming and that we are now entering into, to quote from the movie which is quoting Churchill, “a period of consequences.”

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