Travel lightly on God’s good Earth.

Sustainable travel can be an act of reverence for creation. If you already always travel sustainably, keep doing so! If not, take a first step by participating in the Sustainable Travel to Worship program.

By participating, you’ll—
• Show your respect for God’s creation,
• Improve your health, and even
• Benefit financially.

On the date your faith community selects, travel to worship by—
• Walking,
• Biking,
• Riding the bus,
• Ride-sharing, or
• Using a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll –
• Reduce pollution and
• Save money.

By walking or biking, you’ll also reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. By ride-sharing or taking the bus, you’ll build community with your fellow riders.

Join your faith community in this friendly interfaith competition with other Wisconsin faith communities. You’ll reduce air pollution while establishing or reinforcing habits that—
Respect Earth and
Acknowledge our proper role in creation.

In all that you do, consider your impact on God’s good Earth.

Sponsored by
Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light and
the Interfaith Community for the Earth

For more information or to participate, email Participation requires providing the name of your congregation, a contact person, and an email address. Have fun!
Resources: Drive$mart