"People of all faiths working together for a just and sustainable future"

Mission Statement

The mission of Wisconsin Interfaith Power and Light shall be to inform, train, and activate people of all faiths and faith communities to take concrete steps in response to climate change through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to protect Earth’s ecosystems, safeguard public health, and ensure just, sufficient and sustainable energy for all.

Excerpt from the WIP&L Statement on Anti-Racism and Climate Justice

The WIP&L mission statement declares that we seek “just, sufficient and sustainable energy for all.” All means all.

In our nation, it is people of African descent who have consistently suffered the most from inequities in energy production and use, exposure to the impacts of climate change, and environmental injustices of all kinds.

Behind these specific connections between the struggle against racial inequities and the struggle for a stable climate, there are common root causes.

But most fundamentally, Black lives must matter for those of us in the interfaith climate movement because justice for those who have been oppressed by the dominant White majority in this country for 400 years is a moral imperative, period. We cannot be satisfied with sustaining a planet where systemic injustice and White supremacy remain intact.

Find the full statement here: WIP&L Anti-Racism Statement